Nature’s gifts

ABOUT Schisandra


It’s Simple, Really


Healthy skin is beautiful skin. They had it right years ago when women found that herbs, berries and roots held the key to a youthful appearance. Today, little has changed, except that the fight against aging has moved from the forest to the laboratory. We simply perfected nature’s gift of the Schisandra berry into an exact science.

We believe that looking good helps people feel good. We’re proud to bring you healthy beauty from the inside out.

We are steadfast in our commitment to providing advanced skincare. Schisandra is hailed as the first bioceutical skincare regimen to effectively reduce the visible signs of skin aging and promote the healthy appearance of skin.


One Simple Truth


Over 25 years of research and development, more than 300 research papers in major science journals and numerous clinical trials, we’ve learned one simple truth – Schisandra works. It revitalizes skin – truly restoring skin’s healthy appearance as it improves its tone and texture. And it makes our customers feel and look younger.

Experience a whole new level of rejuvenation not available through any other professional skincare brand. Let the transformation begin.